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History Brush
The History Brush tool allows you to paint back portions of an image from the previous state or starting state in a picture's history. The most popular use of the this tool is to take a color picture, convert it to black and white, then brush the original color back into a particular feature.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Tools > Brush > History Brush
Click the History Brush button
2. Click in the image and drag the cursor. The line will follow your mouse moves. Release the mouse button to end your drawing.
3. Use the following options:
Selects a round brush tip.
Selects a square brush tip.
Sets the hardness. The harder the brush, the crisper the line you create. When the brush stroke is soft, it creates a fuzzy and soft outline on your brush stroke.
Brush Size
Sets the brush size in pixels.
Previous image
Sets the previous state in the history palette just before you applied the filter as the source for the brush.
Original image
Sets the original image (the first state in the history palette) as the source for the brush.
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