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Favorites and History
You can add your favorite effect settings into a list of favorites and use them later again to receive the same effect on different images. The History list shows a list of all the actions that have taken place in the preview window. Click on an action in the history list to Undo or Redo back to that action. It's the same as choosing Undo or Redo multiple times.
 The View Favorites and History command allows you to show or hide the favorites and history.
 The Add to Favorites command allows you to add the effect settings into your list of favorites.
 The Delete Favorite command allows you to delete the currently selected favorite.
 The Delete All Favorites command allows you to delete the entire list of favorites.
 Users can upload their favorite effect settings to the Pop Art Studio website. You can download these uploaded favorites to use them in your own project. There is a maximum to the number of favorites that can be downloaded. To protect your privacy, no personal information will be sent as part of this process and the downloads do not harm your computer.