Tools > Brush > Paintbrush
The Paintbrush tool allows you to draw or paint a freehand line using a round brush.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Tools > Brush > Paintbrush
 Click the Paintbrush button on the toolbar
2. Click in the image and drag the cursor. The line will follow your mouse moves. Release the mouse button to end your drawing.
3. Use the following options:
Without antialiasWith antialias
This option allows you to draw smooth flowing lines by shading the pixels along the borders of graphical elements.
Use this option to set the opacity of the color, gradient, layer, or image you are working with. Opacity is the opposite of transparency. If something has an opacity value of 100%, that means it’s completely visible. An opacity value of 0% indicates that an object is completely transparent.
Sets the brush size in pixels.
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