Effects > Mosaic > Text Mosaic
Text Mosaic
The Text Mosaic effect allows you to create a text mosaic. A text mosaic is a picture that has been divided into rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with a text character of appropriate average color. When viewed at low magnifications, the individual pixels appear as the primary image, while close examination reveals that the image is in fact made up of text.
1. Choose Effects > Mosaic > Text Mosaic
2. Use the following options:
Use this option to specify the source location.
Include Subfolders
This option allows you to include images inside any subfolders.
Files of type
Use this option to specify the source file format.
Number of images in the horizontal direction
Use this option to select the number of images in the horizontal direction. The number of images in the vertical direction depends on the aspect ratio of the source image (ratio of width to height) and the number of images in the horizontal direction.
Square Tiles
Use this option for square tiles.
Black and White
This option allows you to use black and white mosaic tiles.
Use this option to set the opacity. Opacity is the opposite of transparency. If something has an opacity value of 100%, that means it’s completely visible. An opacity value of 0% indicates that an object is completely transparent.
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