Effects > Design > Brick Wall
Brick Wall
The Brick Wall filter allows you to create a bricks wall.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Effects > Design > Brick Wall
Click the Brick Wall button
2. Use the following options:

Min = 1, Max = 200, Default = 20.
  Brick Width

Min = 1, Max = 100, Default = 19.
  Chaos (%)

Min = 0, Max = 100, Default = 50.
This option allows you to draw a shadow.
  Brick Color
This option allows you to change the brick color.
  Joint Color
Use this option to adjust the joint color.
  Brick Pattern
Stretcher BondRaking Stretcher Bond 1Raking Stretcher Bond 2English BondFlemish BondDutch Bond
This option allows you to change the brick pattern.
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