Getting to know the program > Shortcut and Function Keys
Shortcut and Function Keys
To work quickly and easily in Pop Art Studio, learn the shortcut and function keys for common tasks. Key combinations like Ctrl + Z (Undo) and Ctrl + C (Copy) become second nature as you work, and they save time over using the mouse. Use shortcut keys to execute menu commands, display palettes, and edit nodes on vector objects. All menu commands list their shortcut keys on the menu. Use function keys to display a menu by pressing Alt plus the underlined letter of the menu name (for example, press Alt + F for the File menu). Then, press the underlined letter of a menu command or scroll through menus using the arrow keys. Press ESC to return to your image without executing a command.
The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available in Pop Art Studio:
Ctrl+C                       Edit > Copy
Ctrl+X                       Edit > Cut
Ctrl+D                       Edit > Duplicate Image
Ctrl+V                       Edit > Paste
Ctrl+Y                       Edit > Redo
Ctrl+R                       Edit > Reload Image
Ctrl+Z                       Edit > Undo
Ctrl+B                       Effects > Effect Browser
F4                       Effects > Repeat Last Action
Ctrl+W                       File > Close
Ctrl+Q                       File > Exit
Ctrl+N                       File > New
Ctrl+P                       File > Print
Ctrl+S                       File > Save
F12                       File > Save As
F1                       Help > Index and Search
Ctrl+C                       Layers > Copy
Ctrl+Shift+D                       Layers > Duplicate
Ctrl+E                       Layers > Flatten Image
Ctrl+V                       Layers > Paste
Ctrl+I                       Selection > Invert
Ctrl+A                       Selection > Select All
Ctrl+T                       Text > Text
Ctrl+L                       Tools > Line Style
Ctrl+F                       View > Full screen
Ctrl+O                       File > Open > File
Ctrl+Shift+T                       File > Open > Template Library
Ctrl+Shift+A                       Tools > Path > Asymmetric
Ctrl+2                       Tools > Path > Curve After
Ctrl+1                       Tools > Path > Curve Before
Ctrl+Shift+C                       Tools > Path > Cusp
Insert                       Tools > Path > Insert Node
Ctrl+4                       Tools > Path > Line After
Ctrl+3                       Tools > Path > Line Before
Delete                       Tools > Path > Remove Node
Ctrl+Shift+S                       Tools > Path > Symmetric
Ctrl+Shift+P                       Tools > Path > Transform Polygon into Bezier
Ctrl+Oemplus                       View > Zoom > Zoom in
Ctrl+OemMinus                       View > Zoom > Zoom out
+                       View > Zoom > Zoom in
-                       View > Zoom > Zoom out