Tools > Line Style
Line Style
Use the Line Style dialog to specify whether a line is solid or dashed, the dash sequence if it is dashed, the line width, the line alignment, the miter limit, and the styles of line joins and line caps.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Tools > Line Style
 Press Ctrl+L
Click the Line Style button
2. Use the following options:
Line Color
Sets the line color.
Line Width
Use this option to set the line width in pixels.
A join is where a straight line changes direction (turns a corner).
Creates stroked lines with pointed corners. Enter a miter limit between 1 and 500. The miter limit controls when the program switches from a mitered (pointed) join to a beveled (squared-off) join. The default miter limit is 10, which means that when the length of the point reaches ten times the stroke weight, the program switches from a miter join to a bevel join. A miter limit of 1 results in a bevel join.
Creates stroked lines with rounded corners.
Creates stroked lines with squared corners.
Miter Limit
Miter Limit = 1Miter Limit = 3Miter Limit = 5
Specifies the limit of point length to stroke width before a mitered join becomes a beveled square join. For example, a value of 9 requires the point length to be 9 times the stroke width before the point becomes beveled.
Dotted or dashed lines
Use this option to set a dash pattern for the line. The line can either be a solid line, or you can select a pattern of dashes and dots.
Gap Color
This option allows you to specify a color to appear in the space between dashes, dots, or multiple lines in a patterned stroke.
This option allows you to create a stitched line.
A cap is the end of an open line.
Start Cap
This option allows you to change the start of a line in one of several shapes.
End Cap
This option allows you to change the end of a line in one of several shapes.
Line Alignment
Align to CenterAlign to Inside
If the object is a closed path, choose an option to align the stroke along the path.
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