Effects > Collage > Galatea Collage
Galatea Collage
The Galatea Collage effect allows you to create a photo collage in the style of Salvador Dali.
1. Choose Effects > Collage > Galatea Collage
2. Use the following options:
Use this option to specify the source location.
Include Subfolders
This option allows you to include images inside any subfolders.
Files of type
Use this option to specify the source file format.
Use the original image size as collage size
This option allows you to use the original image size as collage size.
New collage width:
Select this option to adjust the collage width in pixels. The collage height is automatically calculated by the program.
Use this option to choose cubes.
This option allows you to set the opacity. Opacity is the opposite of transparency. If something has an opacity value of 100%, that means it’s completely visible. An opacity value of 0% indicates that an object is completely transparent.
You can use this tab page to select a background for your image. You can choose between the current image, a transparent background, a background color, a gradient, or a background image (texture).
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