View > Options
Use the Options dialog to configure some general options for the program.
1. Choose View > Options
2. Use the following options:
Enable Logging
This option allows you to enable or disable Logging. Logging is very helpful in locating recurring errors and system crashes.
View Log File
Use this option to view the log file. The log file is located in the application folder of the program (usually C:\Program Files\Pop Art Studio) and is called paslog_YYYYMMDD.txt. YYYYMMDD should be replaced with a log date.
Disable Undo / Redo
This option allows you to disable the Undo / Redo function. This makes the program faster, and requires less memory.
Background color of the application
Use this option to change the background color of the application.
Dark User Interface
Use this option to apply dark colors for the main menu and the toolbars. Uncheck this option for the standard Windows User Interface and restart the program.
Reset default values
This option allows you to reset default values.
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