Tools > Paint Bucket
Paint Bucket
The Paint Bucket tool allows you to fill adjacent pixels that are similar in color value to the pixels you click. Click the left mouse button to fill with the primary color, or click the right mouse button to use the secondary color.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Tools > Paint Bucket
Click the Paint Bucket button
2. Use the following options:
Determines the similarity or difference of the pixels selected. Enter a value, ranging from 0 to 255. A low value selects a small range of colors similar to the pixel you click. A higher value selects a broader range of colors.
Flood mode
Selects areas in the image using the same colors.
Selects only adjacent areas using the same colors.
Selects all pixels in the entire image using the same colors are selected.
Make area transparent
Fill Transparent Pixels
Use this option to fill transparent pixels in the image.
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