Pop Art > Halftone
The Halftone filter allows you to simulate the effect of using an enlarged halftone screen on each channel of the image. The filter divides the image into rectangles and replaces each rectangle with a circle. The circle size is proportional to the brightness of the rectangle.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Pop Art > Halftone
Click the Halftone button
2. Use the following options:
  Dot Size (px)
Sets the dot size in pixels.

Min = 2, Max = 1000, Default = 10.
  Rotation angle
Use this option to change the rotation angle.

Min = 0, Max = 360, Default = 50.
This option allows you to make the background color transparent.
This option allows you to apply an alternating (or staggered) pattern such that each dot is drawn in the middle of the two dots in the row above it.
  Foreground Color
This option allows you to change the foreground color.
  Background Color
Use this option to change the background color.
This option allows you to select the halftone mode. Try them out to see what result you like best.
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