Effects > Stylize > Extrude
The Extrude filter allows you to divide the image into squares and extrude (pull out) these squares to form 3D columns. The columns can either be capped with the original image, or a solid color based on the average color of the pixels of that square. The sides of the columns are always made up of solid color. The columns extend out as if from a sphere, so the central columns point almost directly toward the viewer, while the more peripheral columns are at more of an angle.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Effects > Stylize > Extrude
 Click the Extrude button on the toolbar
2. Use the following options:
 Size (px)
This option allows you to change the block size.

Min = 1, Max = 200, Default = 25.
 Depth (%)
Use this option to indicate how far the tallest block appears to protrude from the image.

Min = 0, Max = 100, Default = 30.
 Random Depth
Use this option to give each block an arbitrary depth. Not using this option will make each block’s depth correspond to its brightness. Bright blocks protrude more than dark blocks.
 Solid Front Faces
Use this option to fill the front face of each block with the average color of the corresponding rectangle in the image.
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