Effects > Collage > Collage of Hanging Polaroids
Collage of Hanging Polaroids
The Collage of Hanging Polaroids effect allows you to turn your photographs into an impressive collage of polaroid images hanging on a rope.
1. Choose Effects > Collage > Collage of Hanging Polaroids
2. Use the following options:
Use this option to change the number of polaroids.
This option allows you to draw a shadow behind the polaroids.
Converts the image into a grayscale image.
This option allows you to rotate the polaroids by a random angle.
This option uses square shaped polaroids.
You can use this tab page to select between clothes pegs, pushpins, stickers and postage stamps. If applicable, select the input folder containing the image files and the file type.
You can use this tab page to add some text to the bottom of the polaroids. Use the list to add and remove lines of text. Each line of text appears on a different polaroid; the first line on the first polaroid, the second line on the second polaroid, and so on. You can change the text color, font, font size and the size of the text area. The size of the text area is a multiple of the polaroid border width. In addition, you can make your text bold, italic, or underlined.
You can use this tab page to select a background for your image. You can choose between the current image, a transparent background, a background color, a gradient, or a background image (texture).
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