Image > Multiply
The Multiply command allows you to multiply the image or to create a collage. The Combine option allows you to combine multiple images into one single image.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Image > Multiply
 Click the Multiply button on the toolbar
2. Use the following options:
Use this option to select the number of images in the horizonal direction.
This option allows you to select the number of images in the vertical direction.
Drag the slider to change the spacing between the panels. The spacing is a percentage of the panel dimensions. A value of 0 means that there will be no space between the panels. To change the color of the gaps between the panels, click the color button to open the color palette or use the pipette to select a color from the image.
Use this option to make the gaps between the panels transparent.
Use this option to combine multiple images into one image. Uncheck this option to repeat the first image several times. Find out the right order in which to open the images or use the Images panel to change the order of the images. This option can be used to create a collage of images.
Use the 'Images' panel to change the source image for a panel or to add a new source image. To change the source image for a panel, click on the corresponding panel and select an image from de drop-down list. To open a new image, click on the 'Folder' button. The new image will appear in the list of images and can now be used for all the panels. Click the blue arrow button to restore the default arrangement of the images.
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