Add Free Image Effects to Your Web Site

Fotoview allows you add the photo effects of to your own website. No technical knowledge is required. The photo effects are placed as inline frame within your web page by using the <iframe> tag. The HTML of the iframe tag looks like this:

<iframe align="top" frameborder="0" id="main" name="main" src="" width="100%" height="1000px" scrolling="no"></iframe>

The lang parameter

The parameter lang contains the language. For the Dutch language change lang to lang=1. These are the possible values:
English = 0, Nederlands = 1, Deutsch = 2, Français = 3, Español = 4, Português = 5, Italiano = 6, Русский = 7, Polski = 8

The effect parameter

The parameter effect contains the name of the effect type, for example WovenPhoto. For Che, change effect to effect=Che.
These are the effect types:

Andy Warhol: VectorPopArt, Che, Marilyn, TenMarilyns, Mao, SelfPortrait2, CocaCola, DollarSign, Mercedes, Coupe, SelfPortrait1, BasicEffect, TripleElvis, WillyBrandt, Sachiko1, Sachiko2, KarenKain, MildredScheel, Guns, BrooklynBridge1, BrooklynBridge2, BrooklynBridge3, SpeedSkater1, SpeedSkater2, SpeedSkater3

Pop Art: Lichtenstein, YesWeCan, Banksy, AbstractBackground, PopArtBackground1, PopArtBackground2, PopArtBackground3, PopArtGirls, Whisky, RobertRauschenberg, Panels, Buddha1, Buddha2, Elvis1, Elvis2, Elvis3, Halftone, NeonArt, NeonGlow2, BohemianRhapsody, CocaCola2, Dots, Martini, EndlessSummer

Polaroid: PolaroidPhoto, SinglePhotoCollage, BigPicture, HangingPolaroids, PolaroidStack, PolaroidDrosteEffect, VintagePolaroid1, VintagePolaroid2

Other: See the drop-down list below for all effect types.


Below is an example of an iframe. The language is English and the effect is Galatea. This is the code: