Make Selections
Selecting the parts of images to edit is an important step in modifying images. After you create a selection, you can edit it while leaving the rest of the image unchanged. You can use effects or apply commands (such as copying or cropping) to the selection. The border of a selection is identified by black and white dashes called a marquee. In the dropdown list choose the shape of the selection area.
Step 1: Open an image
Open an image. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O).
Step 2: Make a selection
Use the selection tools to make a selection. Drag in the image. As you drag, a border indicates the selection. When you release the mouse, the selection border becomes a marquee. You can move the marquee to place it over a different area of pixels. Change the size of the marquee by dragging one of the marquee's edges or corners. Grab the small green circle of the selection and pull it around to rotate the selection into any position desired. The status bar shows the current angle of rotation while rotating the selection. The selection remains active until you make another selection.
Step 3: The Selection Palette
The Selection Palette allows you to fine-tune the selected area and to select a predefined shape for your selection, polygon or bezier.
Use the X, Y, W(idth), and H(eight) updown controls to fine-tune the position and size of the selected area or choose a predefined aspect ratio from the dropdown list. Drag the angle slider to fine-tune the angle of the selected area .
Check 'Curve' to turn your selection or polygon into a (closed) curve. Check 'Close' to draw a closed bezier. Check 'Text' to draw text or to make your text visible or invisible. Check 'Shape / Background' to draw a shape or background or to make your shape or background visible or invisible. Click the buttons to modify your text or shape.
Check 'Drop Shadow' to drop a shadow.
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