Add a Text Balloon to my Image
Step 1: Open an image
Open an image. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O).
Step 2: Open the Template Library
Open the Template Library. In the menu click File > Open > Template Library (Ctrl+Shift+O).
Step 3: Select the 'Comic' template
The listbox control displays a list of templates. Select the template named 'Comic'. In the main window you can see a preview of this template. Check 'New Image', to open the template in a new image.
Step 4: Copy the text balloon
Select the text balloon (Layer Group) you want to copy. Click 'Copy' or press Ctrl+C.
Step 5: Paste the text balloon
Switch back from the template to your image and paste the text balloon as a new Layer Group.
Step 6: Customize your text balloon
Customize your text balloon. Change the text and text style. Click and drag the bezier nodes to get a balloon you like.
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