Move Pixels in a Raster Layer
Step 1: Open an image
Open a (layered) image. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O).
Step 2: Select a raster layer
In the Layers Palette click on the background layer or any other raster layer you want to work with. The layer will turn bright blue, to show that it's selected.
Step 3: Make a selection
Use the selection tools to make a selection. Drag in the image. As you drag, a border indicates the selection. When you release the mouse, the selection border becomes a marquee. You can move the marquee to place it over a different area of pixels. Change the size of the marquee by dragging one of the marquee's edges or corners. The selection remains active until you make another selection.
Step 4: Move the selected pixels
Use the Move Pixels Tool to move the pixels from one location to another. Hold the Alt key to copy the pixels in the selected area. Click inside the selection and drag the selected pixels.
Step 5: Apply your changes
Press the right mouse button and click 'Apply to Background' or 'Apply to Raster Layer' to have your changes take effect.
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