Apply Effects to a Raster Layer
In this example we convert a group of Vector Layers to a single Raster Layer and apply the Invert effect to it.
Step 1: Open a layered image
Open a layered image in pas format or open a template from the Template Library. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O) or File > Open > Template Library (Ctrl+Shift+O). Alternatively, you can create a new image and add some layers to your image. In this example we use the template named 'Star'.
Step 2: The Layers Palette
In the Layers Palette click on the layer group you want to work with. Press the right mouse button and click 'Convert to Raster Layer' to convert your layer group into a raster layer.
Step 3: Apply the effect
You can apply any effect to a raster layer. In the menu click Effect > Colors > Invert to invert the colors of your layer.
Step 4: Save your image
Save your image in Pop Art Studio (.pas) file format. If you choose to save the image in a different file format you will flatten the image and lose all the layer information.
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