Use Andy Warhol Batch Conversion
The Andy Warhol Batch Conversion tool helps you to convert hundreds of digital pictures with a few mouseclicks. This tool is only available by purchasing the Batch Edition.
Step 1: Choose Source and Destination folders
Select a source folder containing your images and a destination folder where you want to save your Pop Art files.
Step 2: Choose an Andy Warhol effect
Choose one or more Andy Warhol effects by marking the checkboxes. Click a button to adjust the effect parameters. For each Andy Warhol effects you can specify a suffix at the end of the file name just before the extension. The default values are '_1', '_2', '_3' etc.
Step 3: Adjust the effect parameters
Adjust the effect parameters, until the effect appears as desired.
Step 4: Click the Start button to start the conversion
Click the Start button to start the conversion. You can monitor the process and, if necessary, stop the process.
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