Draw Text along a Path
This example shows you how to draw text along a bezier curve. For polygons and polylines it works the same way.
Step 1: Open an image
Open an existing image or create a new image. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O).
Step 2: Select the text tool
In the menu click Text > Draw along Path > Bezier. Use the Text dialog to type and format your text. Press the OK button to finish.
Step 3: Change the shape of your path
Click one of the small yellow squares and drag to move the end points of the bezier curves and lines. The chosen square turns red indicating that the node is selected. Use Insert Node (Insert Key) and Remove Node (Delete Key) to insert and remove nodes. Click one of the light blue squares and drag to move the control points of a bezier curve. These points effectively define the gradient at the end points and control the shape of the bezier curve. The shape may be resized and rotated by dragging the white and green circles.
Step 4: Apply your changes
Press the right mouse button and click 'Apply as new Vector Layer' or 'Apply as new Raster Layer' or 'Apply to Background' to have your changes take effect.
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