Crop an Image
An image is cropped when a rectangular area is cut from an image or a photo. Image Crop allows you to remove those parts of the image you don't find useful. Also, Crop allows you to copy fragments of your photos. Image Crop reduces the image (photo) size without scaling or distorting the image.
Step 1: Open an image
Open an image. In the menu click File > Open > File (Ctrl+O).
Step 2: Make a selection
Use the selection tools to make a selection. Drag in the image. As you drag, a border indicates the selection. When you release the mouse, the selection border becomes a marquee. You can move the marquee to place it over a different area of pixels. Change the size of the marquee by dragging one of the marquee's edges or corners. Grab the small green circle of the selection and pull it around to rotate the selection into any position desired. The status bar shows the current angle of rotation while rotating the selection. The selection remains active until you make another selection.
Step 3: Crop the image
Crop the image. In the menu click Image > Crop to Selection or click the Crop button. The cropped image will appear in the Image List as a new image.
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